Is your cell phone locked? Stuck on the phone lock or pattern screen?
Don't throw it away! We have a solution! Do it yourself! It is fun and easy!

Our software will help you to read or remove
the personal password on the following models and many others...

A597 Eternity II, A667(T) Evergreen, A687 Strive, A697 Sunburst
A817 Solstice II, A847 Rugby II, A867 Eternity, A877 Impression
A887 Solstice, A897 Mythic, A927 Flight II , T259,  T359 Smiley
T379 Gravity TXT, T469 Gravity II, T479 Gravity III, T528G Tracfone
T559 Comeback, T566 Corby Touch, T669 Gravity T, T749 Highlight
T919 Behold, T929 Memoir, GT-S5230, GT-S5600
U450 Intensity, U820 Reality, U960 Rogue, M350 Seek...
LOT of other Android, GSM, CDMA models are supported
Check your phone with free
detector client utility (install drivers first)
Android pattern bypass and hard reset is
free during test period

Ask about your model we'll try to
DO smthng)

It will
NOT help if the phone shows "Network Lock","Wrong Card", "Phone Freeze", "Invalid SIM Card", "SIM Lock Code -1" message.

DO will help if it shows "Password", "Phone lock", "Pattern" message only.                 Instructions                 Video Proof                 Purchase                 Terms & Conditions